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The shy 15-year-old boy sounds EXACTLY like Michael Jackson.
It’s difficult to audition in front of four judges and a couple of hundred strangers. This 15-year-old
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Simon Calls Her Decision CRAZY — Then She Brings The House Down With Her First Note
Nothing is more important than the song you choose to sing when entering a competition like The X Factor.
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14-Year-Old Shy Olivia Archbold Sings ‘In The Arms Of An Angel’ Lyrics And Impresses Simon
Olivia Archbold, 14, is shy at first, but once she starts singing the words to ‘In The Arms Of An Angel,’
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Incredibly talented 11-year-old turns The Voice coaches’ heads in a matter of seconds
The Voice is a singing competition that searches for the best singers from all over the world.
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Do NOT watch Carol Burnett’s ‘Nudist Colony’ skit and drink liquids at the same time
The scene begins at a cabin entrance, where Roger is helping his wife, Carol, through the two-part door.
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Elvis’ grandson auditions for The Voice and impresses the judges with his rendition of “Love Me Tender.”
Dakota Striplin claims to be Elvis’ grandson, and his fresh take on ‘Love Me Tender’ during his audition
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Young Man Is Told To Stop Singing Because He Is Nervous, But He Goes On To Earn Golden Buzzer
Gruffydd Wyn is a North Wales native who aspires to be a successful singer. Because of a difficult family
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With her unusual voice, a 5-year-old girl impresses the judges on America’s Got Talent…
On Got Talent Ukraine, a young Ukrainian girl wowed the judges with a stunning performance.
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14 years ago, actress Meg Ryan adopted a girl from China, and that’s how she grew up
Meg Ryan is a talented actress. She is very hardworking and devoted a lot of time to work, sometimes
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“Beautiful in any way:” Plump Selena Gomez put on a tight dress, showing folds at the waist
The famous American performer S. Gomez once again proves that she does not care about the discussions
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The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Runway Show Featured Gasp Models With ‘Normal Bodies’
When you think of a Sports Illustrated swimsuit runway show, what do you imagine? Probably perfectly
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An 81-year-old man picks up a guitar in a store and amazes everyone with his incredible abilities
Some of the best impromptu musical performances I’ve seen recently have occurred in guitar shops or even
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A young boy auditioned for The Voice Global, dedicating his audition to his late mother.
The audition for The Voice Global for a 10-year-old vocalist was emotional. He lost his mother a few
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Simon Cowell says this 21-year-old Irish plumber has the best voice he’s ever heard from a singer.
Brendan Murray recently appeared on The X Factor UK in the hopes of winning one of the six chairs in
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This baby has won beauty contests since she was 1, now she is 15 and this is how she has changed
isn’t she lovely Eden Wood is famous in the USA. A girl from the cradle participates in beauty contests.